Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a zero down payment option at your finger tips? Many times buyers find themselves trying to figure out how to come up with the down payment. There is a new exciting program for all my Montana peeps that it may work for! Watch this short video about the program!

A down payment is one of the biggest hurdles to homeownership. Montana Community Development Corporation, a non-profit financing company serving Montanans for 30 years, has a new program that helps people buy homes with zero down payment. Called HomeNow, the program helps individuals who have steady jobs and qualify for a mortgage, but are unable to save up for a down payment. Unlike other down payment assistance programs, it is not a second mortgage. HomeNow covers up to 100% of a down payment at the time of closing, and is not limited to first-time homebuyers.

Sounds pretty cool huh!!?



HomeNow covers up to 100% of your down payment and/or closing costs.
There is no need to apply separately for the HomeNow program—your approved lender will coordinate this on your behalf.
Many other down payment assistance programs require a second mortgage which is not the case with this program. Also, you dont have to be a first time home buyer either to qualify!  


Talk to Lender- There are some things the lender has to look at to see if you qualify. If you are interested in this program, we must use an approved lender.  To get that list, follow this link here. (or call Serena- she can help you too 406-661-2325)
A participating lender will help determine which type of mortgage is best for you, and explain how HomeNow works in greater detail.

If you are using a lender that is not familiar with the program or is not approved, please have them contact Libby Addington at 406-532-5716 or [email protected]


You must plan to live in the home you’re buying, no renting it out.
You must be able to afford the mortgage, have an income.
You must work with a HomeNow participating lender, those lenders know there stuff!

What you think? Sounds pretty cool!

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Your Resource: Here is your HomeNow Flyer with a few of the lenders approved below; that list has grown and many more lenders have been added, the list can be found here.