This Down Payment program is unlike anything else. Its like gofundme but its for your down payment called Homefundit.

Here’s how it works:

So, maybe you have $2-4000 and you need another 2000-4000. This program can get you help from your family, friends, community members, church members, your employer, any one but the seller of the house can give you some cash.

Also the lender and me the agent helps with closing cost money. We match every dollar you raise up to $500 so that is 1000.00. Also the lender has some options with how they can match and give some money to help you to buy a home in Billings Montana. 

How cool is that?

Watch this video to get the details on this program by Serena Anderson.
Short and quick overview on how to setup your account to get your down payment started today!

It has taken a long time to get this approved and passed through all the levels to make it available to the public.  As a first time home buyer, you can now collect $1 or $1000 from people for your Down Payment and before you now it, you will have the money you need for your down payment and closing costs. YES!!! So exciting! 

Its super duper and I cant wait for you to start your account. You deserve to have a home and the freedom you desire should be yours. Instead of birthday or Christmas gifts direct people to your crowdfunding page to donate to that cause. 

This is the company we partner with to make this all possible!

Take some time to watch some of the stories on my crowdfundit page on how others have used this platform to get the Down Payment money they needed to buy a home. They are very interesting and awesome! 

Also you will see a video about how this Down Payment program was featured across the media… CNN, FOX, ABC and so many more.

Pretty awesome and incredible you are here reading this now and can take action right now to start rasing money for your Down Payment, just follow this link and its super fast to get this ball rolling!

Super happy to help you raise money to achieve the american dream!

One idea is to ask family and friends to give money to your down payment for a home purchase instead of Christmas gifts this year. 

What do you think about that idea?

We have a home buyer class coming up and we will go over this Down Payment program and how it works in detail!


Its easy to sign up for the next webinar. Just go to

The next class is Dec 5th.


Here is a list of the planned future classes as well!

We also have Home Seller Classes:

We offer both home buyer and home seller classes! Sign up or share with a friend today!

We are pleased to offer First Time Seller Classes. We discuss the overview of selling to buy another home, Pro Seller Tips to avoid obstacles, How to calculate your net sheet and so much more.  You can get the latest details on the next class here

FAQ about the Down Payment Crowdfundit:

What happens if I decide not to buy a house?

Then all the money is refunded back to everyone.

How long does it take to start an account?

It takes about 1 minute. Then we will follow up with you to go to the next step!