16 Locals Share Insights About Living In Billings

Serena Anderson, Broker
Serena Anderson, Broker
Published on November 22, 2017

So, you are thinking about moving to Billings at some point in time? We have asked Billings folks to share things about living in Billings. These thoughts from locals might give you an idea of what you want think about when deciding to move to Billings. 

#1 Craig Simmons Love the Heights. Hate the West End lol
Serena Anderson tell me more– why do you love the heights?
Craig Simmons More of a smaller town feel

#2 Dustin Gregor The drivers in Billings are horrible 

#3 Lisa Matovich Brooke: The people are great in Billings. Love my neighborhood Rehberg Ranch it is like living in a small town but yet we are in a bigger community. The medical services are awesome.
Serena Anderson: GOOOOOD! I love this!!!

#4 Amanda M: I love all the theatre and arts. We have great small venues for performances.
Serena Anderson What is your favorite theatre? Are you in the arts community as an artist?
Amanda M:  Backyard Theatre! It’s the theatre I run. We perform mostly in my backyard, but have also performed at Limber Tree, MoAv, Moss

#5 Mansion and Bethlehem Lutheran. I love the new space Craft Local. They want to bring music and arts to the community for little to no cost.

#6 Jeffrey Hartman: Billings is a great town full of good people and it will always be home. 🤘
Serena Anderson: What do you like to do for fun? Any cool spots you like?
Jeffrey Hartman: Montana stuff of course. Camping hunting fishing. Love all sports.

#7 Kason Bisso: I love all my friends and family that Billings holds
Serena Anderson What is that you love most about Billings being a kid?
Kason Bisso Geocaching and bones arcade

#8 Toby Bennett: Mt. Is a great state. It sucks working outside in the winter but I love our 2 seasons…summer and winter lol

#9 Cammilia Lindsay: I think we have a good community and there’s always family events going on around the holidays I like the st. Patrick’s day parade every year and we have some nice restaurants down town I wish we had a better mall

#10 Serena Anderson What are your favorite restaurant?
Kason Bisso Café Italia

#11 Frank Jesus Zavala: I hate that I’m not there yet… but, it’s back home soon.
Serena Anderson: what makes you want to live back?
Frank Jesus Zavala: Serena Anderson my beautiful friends that accept me for me. Don’t have to be anyone but myself, and they love me. The weather… all four season distinctive. The people, (the core base), not those that come and go. Welcoming

#12 Nancy Johnston: I hate Winter Roads !! I love the the help the community gives out for people who needs it.

#13 Tom Manthey: Love the commute

#14 Jeanette Wayland: Love my family, love my friends and love my neighborhood 💜

#14 Alissa Marie I love the people I love the fact no matter where I go; there’s family down the block. I wish we had a Burlington Coat Factory and a Cheesecake Factory.

#15 Erin Ferrell: What do I love? The generosity of individuals and business – Billings people are always donating time and money to help others. I love the community involvement and the minds of all of the leaders (varying age ranges) that come together to brainstorm on how we can make this place even better. We have world class healthcare, we have amazing chefs and restaurants, and we are close to major cities all along an interstate. There really isn’t anything that I don’t like, come to think of it. :)=

#16 I spoke with Dr. Derek Simpson, who has been a Chicago-native for 30+ years, thinks everyone in the West-End section of Billings, MT is pretty nice. The area is not as busy and still very convenient. People move a little slower in Billings, in comparison to a larger city. Dr. Derek always liked the Westend more then the Heights, but he says he never had a reason to go to the northern section of Billings. Things are little more conservative and the situation in Billings is a lot less progressive, but it is representative of classic Montana with modern conveniences. Great place to live he thinks.



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