Henderson is Booming

Serena Anderson, Broker
Published on November 2, 2019

Henderson is Booming

Huge amounts of money is brought into Henderson for massive economic growth. An impressive number of jobs are being created and more real estate development in the way of apartments, condos and homes are going in.

The Radiers practice statuiom is just about complete. Hass Automation is in progress and this will be there world wide headquaters. Smith’s Distribtuion Center is going to be joining over there too!

According to the Review Journal: “The Governor’s Office of Economic Development approved $10.5 million of tax abatement’s in June for Haas Automation’s massive proposed industrial complex south of Henderson Executive Airport. The machine tool maker, which is buying 279 acres from the city of Henderson for nearly $27.4 million, has unveiled plans for a 2.3 million-square-foot Haas facility and other commercial space.”

With all of this increase of development in this area, it looks as if the home values and real estate value in general will sore over the years!

It may be a good time to look into and see if this is an area of town you would be interested in buying some of your own piece or to invest in!

If you want to build a multiplex or apartment complex, let me know! Or for a home in this area, we can help too!

Nonetheless, we want to keep you updated on the developments going on around the city for your own uses!

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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