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Serena Anderson, Broker
Serena Anderson, Broker
Published on July 3, 2018



Freedom is something we get by living in the USA. We celebrate it once a year and then on we go on our way. We are so blessed by the number of ways in which we get to express freedom. Of course, even though we have alot more freedom then many of other parts of the world, we still see people not happy or accepting of the reality of the life of an American. I believe everyone is allowed to have their opinion. Got to have the hot and the cold to understand luke warm.

I feel that taking personal responsibility for my life and future empowers me so much more than thinking others should give me a handout. I must be hungry and get out there and make things happened for myself. That is also how it is to become a homeowner. It takes time and work to have the means and commitment to make it happen. Anyone who is wishy-washy wont prevail. It takes solidness and the commitment to maintain and a promise to pay for it. But yet, being a home owner has so many benefits as well!

   Freedom is one of the things I hear from the students who take my home buyer course I offer when I ask, “Why buy a home NOW?”

I hear, “Freedom” every single time. Every time!


Well there are many reasons, of course, and I am sure some are coming to your mind right now…. Maybe you are thinking, because you can have the freedom to paint any wall, hang up things on my walls, have pets, build a shed, add an addition, landscape, park on the grass if I want to, freedom to install cameras or a security system or even who can live with you. ALL without asking someone else for permission. YES! All so true!


Another reason is  because of the the ability to grow and build their future by building equity and appreciation through home-ownership in Billings and throughout the country. To be able to love, nurture and take care of real estate and at the end of that time be able to sell it and put money in your pocket is a pretty sweet opportunity and something that is simply part of life, living.

We all need a place to live, why not make it your investment too!?


  What kind of freedom are you after!?  

If you are not yet a homeowner and want to achieve that dream– boy, do we have a cool new course for you. Check out our free online course to get access to the knowledge now!  We take you through the fears we have around buying a home, the fear we have with money. We have broken it down into 7 steps to achieve your goals and build your future. Plus, BONUSES!  You get to be apart of our Facebook group and a special deals with local businesses! YES DEALS! To sign up or to learn more about the course:

Or maybe you are moving and need freedom by selling your home… see what your home is worth here!


We can help people all over the country. Reach out to me to connect you with Top agents nationwide I work with step by step! How does that Work, you ask? 

So you are moving out or town? Or know someone looking to buy or sell living outside of Billings MT? We can help people with buying homes throughout the entire country. Yes, that is right! So, if you are looking to relocate to a new area or have a family or friend looking to buy or sell, we would love to be a part of finding, selecting, and interviewing to find a top agent who is going to give you the knowledge and expertise that you deserve. This is at no cost to you for us to match you with the right agent that fits your needs. We work with the selected agent of your choosing throughout the entire process, so you get 2 agents working on your side. So allow us to help you with that selection process. We have a 61 point system to help match you with the right agent! Yes! We truly want to find the right one for you! That is an important part to a successful result of finding the right home or getting to the closing table in the sale of your home!

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