Did you present my offer? Real Estate News Update

Serena Anderson, Broker
Published on December 1, 2018

Did you present my offer? Real Estate News Update

By: Serena Anderson, Billings Real Estate Broker

Have you ever wondered if the other agent really did present your offer?
You are not alone. It has always been against the Code of Ethic to not present the offer and there has been the section in the buy sell that allows for the seller to counter or reject the buy sell but what has changed is that finally agents can have disciplinary action taken if they are found to not be able to supply this proof that the offer was in fact presented and was rejected by the seller.

Serena Anderson, Billings Real Estate Broker goes over a recent Real Estate News Update about presenting offers to the sellers and how ignoring this request could result in disciplinary action to the agent. 

Why is this such a big deal that the National Association of Realtors re-visit this?
Its because an agent could be sneaky before and just kinda ignore the request for the proof and nothing really happened from there. Allowing this grey area for sellers agents to just present the offers they want that benefits them the most which doesn’t protect the consumers which is what the NAR is most concerned with!

Tell me if you have ever had a situation like this?

I was just in a conversation about this topic in Las Vegas, a gentleman who is in real estate and he said this is much more common then most people realize, all around the country. Many times the sellers agent will have a deal with the seller to reduce the commission if the sellers agent sells the house giving the seller more reason to play into the scam as well. It is against the Code of Ethics and I am so very happy there is more action that can be taken for people who are abusing this grey area. 

In Billings, MT it is required that an * be put next to the SOC on the MLS form to indicate there is a special back-end deal with the sellers agent.

This is the reason why having the Realtor Associations apart of the real estate industry is helpful and attempts to keep the real estate playing field as even and quality as possible for all. 

We support this and look forward to continue to provide more real estate news as it comes out.

National Association of Realtors article here

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