Lake Las Vegas- Henderson

Fun activities off the strip

Things to do at Lake Las Vegas


South Shore Golf Club

Reflection Golf Course

Flyboard Shows

Aquaholic Sup Yoga

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

La Contessa Yacht Cruises

Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club




Are you a foodie?

Restaurants at Lake Las Vegas

Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa is a Italian cuisine, with a beautiful Lake views.

Mimi’ & Coco Bistro

Mimi & Coco Bistro has one of most delicious Quiche Florentine.

Medici Cafe & Terrace

Medici Cafe & Terrace is a good place to go if you just want a cozy casual meal.

The Pub

Sonrisa Grill


How did Lake Las Vegas come about?

history time!

Lake Las Vegas started taking shape nearly 30 years ago. Developers broke ground in 1987, began building its dam in 1988 and were diverting water from the Las Vegas Wash by 1990 to help fill the man-made lake. The dam that creates the lake is “an earthen structure 18 stories high, 4,800 ft (1,500 m) in length and 716 ft (218 m) wide at its base. It contains roughly the same amount of dirt as Hoover Dam does concrete, and was completed in 1991. The Las Vegas Wash passes under the lake and dam in pipes that require maintenance every 10 years.

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