Lake Las Vegas- Henderson

If you're looking for an exciting and unique getaway in Las Vegas, then Lake Las Vegas is your place!

Things to do at Lake Las Vegas


This stunning lake located in Henderson/Las Vegas offers something for everyone with outdoor activities, entertainment, and plenty of fun. Whether you’re a golf lover, a thrill seeker, or just want to find your zen – Lake Las Vegas has it all!

Golfers will be in their element at South Shore Golf Club or Reflection Golf Course.

Not only do they offer breathtaking views over the lake, but also challenging courses that experienced golfers will enjoy. If you’d like something different and daring, check out one of the Flyboard Shows on the lake – you’ll be able to leap above the crystal-clear waters while doing incredible stunts! Aquaholic Sup Yoga classes allow you to enjoy a peaceful paddleboarding session while practicing yoga with gorgeous vistas of Lake Las Vegas as your backdrop. For those seeking more action-packed thrills such as kayaking or jet skiing, head over to Lake Las Vegas Water Sports for some fun boat rides around the lake – complete with wakesurfing sessions and maybe even a Caribbean Cruise if you’re lucky!

Want something extra special?

Take a ride on La Contessa Yacht Cruises owned by local captains who will provide intimate tours around the lake teaching guests about its history & culture as well as hilarious stories from their own life experiences living in this remarkable place. The Rowing Club also offers rowing classes so you can explore further into nature with man-powered boats designed specifically for these waters (bonus points if you can set a world record!). Make sure not to miss out on creating unforgettable memories at this unbelievably beautiful lake!

Lake Las Vegas has all the adventure, relaxation and fun that anyone could ask for!


Are you a foodie and love to explore new and beautiful places?

Restaurants at Lake Las Vegas plus Happy Hour Deals

Lake Las Vegas is home to a variety of delicious restaurants perfect for any craving. Head over to Hummus House for an authentic Mediterranean-inspired meal or check out Off The Strip Bistro & Bar for some comfort food, handcrafted cocktails and happy hour specials.

Keep in mind that these specials may change at any time, so be sure to double check before you go!

If you’re looking for something more exotic, then head over to the Asian-fusion restaurant Hot & Juicy Crawfish where you can get 25% off select orders.

Also be sure to swing by Water Street Pizza Co for their famous pizza and calzones with 10% off orders $20+. For dessert, indulge in some delicious gelato at Gelatoluv or treat yourself to some decadent ice cream at Creamistry which offers a buy one get one free deal on ice creams. All of these restaurants are currently open up at Lake Las Vegas.


 If you’re looking for something different, then swing by Luna Rossa where you can enjoy Italian cuisine with beautiful Lake views.
Mimi & Coco Bistro has one of the most delicious Quiche Florentine dishes, while Medici Cafe & Terrace is a good place to go if you just want a cozy casual meal. Don’t miss out on The Pub and Sonrisa Grill too – they have great Mexican-style options and unique flavors respectively. All of these restaurants are currently open up at Lake Las Vegas.

Sure! Here is a list of the best restaurants in Lake Las Vegas: 1. Sushi Yama 2. OsiosMex Restaurant & Bar 3. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar 4. Bistro 57 5. Canyon Ranch Grill

New Construction Homes and Private Sand Beaches in Lake Las Vegas

Exploring the Man-Made Wonders of Lake Las Vegas: From Construction to Revival

The new construction communities in Lake Las Vegas include MonteLago Village, which features a beach club, boat dock, swimming pool and spa; SouthShore, which offers its own private beach cove as well as a clubhouse with fitness center and pool; and Reflection Bay, which includes 3 miles of beachfront for residents to enjoy. Lake Las Vegas beaches offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and unique aquatic activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing.

Popular areas to explore include Reflection Bay Beach Park and Nevada Beach. In addition to the gorgeous landscapes and recreational possibilities, there are numerous restaurants nearby for visitors to enjoy. For example, Sushi Yama provides an excellent selection of sushi dishes while OsiosMex Restaurant & Bar serves delicious Mexican cuisine.

Lake Las Vegas started taking shape nearly 30 years ago. Developers broke ground in 1987, began building its dam in 1988 and were diverting water from the Las Vegas Wash by 1990 to help fill the man-made lake. The dam that creates the lake is “an earthen structure 18 stories high, 4,800 ft (1,500 m) in length and 716 ft (218 m) wide at its base.

FUN FACT: It contains roughly the same amount of dirt as Hoover Dam does concrete, and was completed in 1991.

The Las Vegas Wash passed under the lake and dam in pipes that require maintenance every 10 years.

Despite its years of growth, Lake Las Vegas has not been immune to the economic downturn following the 2008 recession—leading to closure of some area resorts and shops—but some efforts have been made to revitalize the area; some feel not enough.

As a result of these investments, many businesses have reopened and now Lake Las Vegas stands poised for prosperity once again as an iconic destination for any visitors looking for some fun in the sun!

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