brian-terry-realtor-billings-mtBrian Terry is a Realtor at Royal Realty and Marketing Director for the YEP Program. As a child he was very much affected by bullying and the image of perfection put on him by society. His main goal now is to reach local youth and help them through the mental burdens that affect so many in todays world.

“Children are constantly being shown what they are supposed to strive for and what will make them happy without giving them the psychological tools and empowerment to achieve a true love for themselves and the feeling of self worth needed to be a successful and happy adult.” says Terry as he passionately explained his goals within the community.

“Our youth are our future and if we want our society to be happier and progress we need to start realizing that all unhappy adults were once happy children that lost their fire for life. It’s my goal to keep that fire and passion bright and very much alive within everyone.”